Ok so I was just casually  just doing my morning chores weeding my wheat field then out of nowhere I hear this thump thumping sounds coming from the north and there they were the scariest people you would not want to visit your town. The Mongols. The most terrorizing people I have ever seen in my entire life. I knew they were going to wreck every single thing until there was nothing left, so I ran as fast as I can to the city and start warning people of there coming. I couldn't believe we were next I mean this is the end for me. How was I supposed  get my family and I safe? When I get to the city I see everyone screaming and running around exactly what I wanted to do. But not now I had get to calm, or we were all going to die.
As the army was fighting the Mongols I was gathering my family and started to flee out of town. As I was fleeing out of town I turned around and saw one of bestest friends get killed by one of the Mongols. I kept running with my family and crying for my friends lost. As my family and I arrived back to safety we hid under the house for a couple of days just in case the Mongols came toward are other home that we had with my grandparents. This experienced is left
The things that I will be doing this break is maybe just having a good time with my family like we usually do. mainly I will be going to places like the mountains to go skiing and stuff that are so wintery. I will also be trying to finish my course on rosetta stone ,so I won't end up getting a F. i think that this will be a very good winter beak until my mom gets the report card from the mail. i don't know what score 
I'm going to get on the chapter 5 test in my pre-algebra that I just did this morning. If I get a bad score then I'm probably going to get a F in her class. and I already have a C in her class. Erase what you just wrote and start again.
One thing that i wish that my family and i will be doing this winter break is going to the mointains.
I am alone,tired, and hungry. I am stuck with this weird man and I'm pretty sure he is mad. I don't know what to do and if I run away from this guy I'm going to be breaking a promise and I will be doomed to hell. I don't want to be sent to hell. Now we are going to this city that I have never been to before. I wish I wasn't going through this right now. I wish that I could be with my parents and that we weren't so bad to society. And I'm also wondering what was so terrible that my parents had done to put me into it. 
We have been walking for a long time and I'm starting to get tired of being so scared what is going top happen next. Every second thinking of running nut to only think about breaking a promise I can not break. As we walk I think about Bear my new master forever and thinking about having to live thinking that I have to find a new start in this city we are going. . I hope that this city is going to be worth going to. I am also wondering about my mother being dead and how the priest told me that my mother could write. Which is very surprising because I think she would tell me things like this. I wish I just new what my parents did. 
It was a very beautiful day when the city was visited by the Vikings. I was just minding my own business when I smelled smoke in the air towards the city. I was afraid and didn't know what to do. But the first thing that came into mind is my family wondering if they were ok. I rushed home finding that my family was unharmed...yet. I rushed them out of the house and into the shack that is under the house. As we rush down one of my sisters trips and I hurry to pick her up. 
We waited for hours for the terrible Vikings to go away and take whatever they want. As we waited till the whole city was silent as the night I went outside to check if they were still killing and doing there terrible things. All I saw was smoke and houses on fire. I told my family just to stay there until it was safe to come out. They did as I told them to. We waited in the shack for two whole hours just to make sure that the Vikings completely went away.
  The next day we continued to travel to a far place where the Vikings haven't attacked. As we entered the big city of Rome we are greeted by very friendly people. We settle down in our new home and live very happy indeed. 
One of the things I thought that was very interesting the invention of gunpowder. I think that is one of the most important inventions of China. I think they are so important because there was many wars that needed weapons and that actually helped with the whole problem. Also another thing that gunpowder is very important is that gunpowder is also used for fireworks also so without gunpowder there wouldn't be any fireworks on days like fourth of July. I love fourth of July because of it fireworks and am thankful for the fireworks being here in America.
Another thing is the invention of paper because there wouldn't be any books to read. And that would be the problem I love to read and that wouldn't be good if I don't get to read that is mainly what I love to do  If there wasn't any books there wouldn't be any way learning new things. These are some of the things that actually makes a difference in the world.  



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We are currently learning about Africa and the people there. One of the important people in the past of Africa were the griots. The griots were the people who memorized everything in the past. They are like a living memory book. They were very important people because they were in charge of remembering the past. that is why they are known as very important people in our tome because of them we know what had happened in the past Africa. I wouldn't personly like to be a griot because I  am not so good at remembering things for example everything which is what they had to remember. People would tell them remember this and remember that. People of even lied about the past if they wanted to. Or they would just tell the griots to not remember about a specific event in the past. 




The things that I just love about fall is the leaves falling and that the holiday Halloween. But most of all is the Fresno Fair which I love going every year. Even though the fair does not have that much rides it is very exciting to go every year. I mostly love the fair for its rides and its food. There is lots of kinds of places in the fair. For example there is the mine shop where they sell all the diamonds and pretty rocks. Too bad the diamonds are not real. The other place I love visitting is the place where there is so many fun things to do. I forgot what its named I think its named funland. It is so much fun I espeicially love that there is this sphere and lots of energy is in it that it sticks to your hand when you touch it. 
Another place I like to go is the place with all the paintings and pictures. One time when I was in 6th grade I was in art club , and I entered my oil painting of an orange and a apple. I did pretty good and got first place in the contest. 
Iron was found in Africa and got Africa to be very famous for its iron. Iron was used for many things for example for weapons and pots or to put in food. People still use iron these days. One of the poeple that use them these days is my mom she cooks wtih iron pots and pans. Iron was then getting very famous in Africa. The this group called the Nok then invented the gardening tool we still use today the hoe. I really don`t know why people use that word as a bad word but now I know what the word acctually means. The hoe is used to help with gardening back when they had a hard time with there gardening. Iron was useful back then in Africa bacuse it was used for many things. Like the hoe and for weapons and they also they mainly used it to make weapons which is what made Africa so powerful.




What would  choose for the four regions in the dessert. There is acctually I think five regions I would like to live in that are in Africa. The one I would choose to live at is in the Sahara. There  is lots of trees scattered around the dry landscape. It would be a little hard but it would be fun. Another thing I would choose to live is at the rainforest because it is filled with the wonderful animals for example the gorillas and the lots of different kind of animals. There is only some I would love to live at because all the other places like the dessert I don't think that I will be able to survive I drink lots of water here in Fresno, so I don't think I'm going to survive in a dessert.
Today I`m going to write about the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are five things muslims have to do. The first pillar is to sat there is no god but god and Muhammad is his prophet. The second pillar is pray five times a day. The third pillar is to give to the poor and needy. The fourth pillar is to fast on the day of Ramadan. The fifth and final pillar of Islam is to travel to Mecca at least once on a Hajj. Probably the most difficult pillar is he fifth pillar because you have to travel all the way to Mecca. I also think its the hardest because you have to  be a Muslim to enter. Thats what I think is the hardest pillar of them all.