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We are currently learning about Africa and the people there. One of the important people in the past of Africa were the griots. The griots were the people who memorized everything in the past. They are like a living memory book. They were very important people because they were in charge of remembering the past. that is why they are known as very important people in our tome because of them we know what had happened in the past Africa. I wouldn't personly like to be a griot because I  am not so good at remembering things for example everything which is what they had to remember. People would tell them remember this and remember that. People of even lied about the past if they wanted to. Or they would just tell the griots to not remember about a specific event in the past. 

12/12/2012 12:14pm

I think you described the griots really well. Although there was one spelling mistake, but over all the blog was really good.


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