It was a very sunny day and I was walking down the dirt road when I saw my uncle on a camal. He asked me if I would like to join him in his caravan through the dessert. My uncle told me I would first have to ask my parent if I could go. Well they told me it was my decision as I expected they would say. Well it was hard to make a decision. I mean I like the hot weather in the summer but I didn`t think I would acctually survive out there. All I told them was that I needed more time to think about it. They understood what I was trying to say.
The day my uncle was leaving to the dessert I made my decision to tag along with them.My uncle was happy to have me join him. It was extremely hot in the dessert but I still had a great time with my uncle in the dessert. He thought so too. but I did have a great time with him in the dessert. It was a little hot. Oh who am I kidding it was extremely hot but I didn`t care.

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