Last Friday, in my classroom we had a simulation about the fall of Rome and I was just wondering. If I could of had a different role in the simulation I would pick being a Roman.  And encase  your wondering what a simulation is it`s when you  pretend to go to the past as if you were in the past. Well we did a simulation of when the Romans were the biggest empire in the world. If I could of chose what role I could of been in I would choose to be a Roman. Because the Romans were so rich and so well protected. Not exactly 100 percent protected after the Barbarians attacked there lovely city.
Back then when the Romans were the biggest empire on earth they were very rich as you already know. But they were also very greedy.Just as people are today.Still I would love to be one of the Romans. Mostly they didn`t get to do anything which was so not fair.

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