Ok so I was just casually  just doing my morning chores weeding my wheat field then out of nowhere I hear this thump thumping sounds coming from the north and there they were the scariest people you would not want to visit your town. The Mongols. The most terrorizing people I have ever seen in my entire life. I knew they were going to wreck every single thing until there was nothing left, so I ran as fast as I can to the city and start warning people of there coming. I couldn't believe we were next I mean this is the end for me. How was I supposed  get my family and I safe? When I get to the city I see everyone screaming and running around exactly what I wanted to do. But not now I had get to calm, or we were all going to die.
As the army was fighting the Mongols I was gathering my family and started to flee out of town. As I was fleeing out of town I turned around and saw one of bestest friends get killed by one of the Mongols. I kept running with my family and crying for my friends lost. As my family and I arrived back to safety we hid under the house for a couple of days just in case the Mongols came toward are other home that we had with my grandparents. This experienced is left

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