My family is really cool if you get to meet them and if you do you would be surprised because my mom looks like she is 25. And believe it or not she is 31 years old. My youngest sister if five years old and can really make me laugh with her very great grammar that makes her sound so cute. My other sister is ten, and she is very tomboy. She can be very grumpy sometimes to my younger sister the five year old, Kimberly, but is one of the sweetest persons I know. My youngest and only boy in the family is my baby brother Giordanno. You pronounce it like this (Jor-dan-o). He is very adorable and is very smart for his age of three months. He is learning very quickly with grabbing and talking and knowing who his family is. My mom is very wise as well she is those kind of moms that get you try new things.
My family is awesome when I get to think about it, and some families are not very close that's why I would like to write about how my family is different. They could be annoying sometimes, but they are very special to me.
I love weekends and I can't imagine thinking of a person who wouldn't love weekends. Guess what that is my favorite part of the week. But one thing that I do not enjoy about weekends is that they go very quickly and that I have homework over the weekend which I hate because its like we have school at home and apparently school week are already over. What I'm planning to go this weekend is maybe the mall and well the usual places I go during the weekend. I would eventually do my homework on Sunday staying up late which is what I don't like because I pass out on the couch with unfinished homework. 
How about you do you like your weekends and what do you do to enjoy them? As I always say to my mom I'm going to do my homework right, every Friday night. I love to enjoy weekends espeicially when I go to the movie theaters. 
If I had super powers the powers I would love to have is the power to have all the powers you could imagine. But I don't think as being as God. For example, I forgot to write my homework from pre-algebra and I'm at home panicking because I forgot for the first time ever. I would have the power to remember what was on the board. I wish I had some powers like that and also to read the minds of people so when my sister lies I will know if she is lying or not. 
I would also love to have the powers to fly, so I could be able go right  to school without having to go on the bus that will take fifteen minutes which I don't like doing. Also that I wouldn't have to walk. I don't like walking across the field to go my orchestra class just to go to it. Instead I will just fly over the field. I just don't like having to be late because of being tired or sore from P.E.. I can wish many things but will not be able to do them. I just have to deal with these kinds of things. 
But sometimes you just have to do things instead of counting on magic. I think there is better things to do then count on magic. Hey we would al like to dream about flying right I know I do. 
              Mrs. Pope is my Pre-Algebra teacher and she currently had surgery done and hasn't come back for a long time and I don't think will for a long time. I know people don't really like as a teacher but I actually don't like it when something so terrible like not knowing where your teachers is and that is really upsetting to me because I love getting to go to school and not wondering if my teacher is ok or not. But I'm pretty sure she is ok. Today was more of a day in Pre-Algebra where we didn't do very important things. The sub just had us watch a video and then correct what we got for the test that we lately done. After that we just wrote on the whiteboards telling Mrs.pope to get  well soon and things like that. 
             I hope she does come soon because the sub is not going very well for me and the whole thing with subs never worked for me. Usually when there was a sub at my old school the children would always go so crazy and wouldn't listen to the teacher. Mrs.pope's classroom is kind of like that but not as crazy as my old school. In my old school they weren't very educated children and got many referals and terrible grades. I was different until I came to Computech. 
           This morning, When I was entering school a group of kids saying find your star. My friend and I were wondering what they were talking about. We also passed by some people whom were holding a sign saying Computech Land of the Stars. As my friend and I entered the school there were stars everywhere. On the ceiling and on the walls. I found my star right away. Al through out the day everyone has been wearing there stars on there head. 
            I'm also wondering what other amazing thing Computech got's to offer. This morning was amazing to see stars everywhere. Who wouldn't like to see there name on a star. 
   I have been thinking how the world will turn out in the future and how people are going to be. I think that some people are very mean amd can be very rude to the other people around them. But what can I do mean how am I suppose to help out this world around me. My goal in the future is to go to go to college and earn a good job. One other thing I would like to do is try to fix at least one thing in the world. Like my mom says I can't fix them all so I will just pick one. Well the best thing I would choose to do is well to help out the animals that are endangered and need so much help. Stupid people just don'know what they are doing and destorying the forests. What can I do?
     I just love how the music comes around my ears as if it were trying to tickle them. While I play my instrument it makes a beautiful sound. Orchestra is one of my favorite classes beacause I just love how the music plays and makes just a lovely sound. I am very good at my violin that the teacher put me in the front of the classroom so my music can be in the ears of the crowd. Well actually she aranged the entire class so the good players can have there music to the audience. On time I had a sub for my science class and he asked me if I played an instrument and of course I said yes. He told me that he could tell because  of how my hands looked different than everyone elses. I have been looking at my hands wondering how are my hands different than everyone elses? I never found the response even after I asked my mother how knew almost every answer I ever asked her. I guessed its probably hoe I hold everything so gently because I`m used to holding a violin.
     On you tube lately I watched this video and it was very icky. My sister was acctually the one who was watching the video and showed it to me. At first i didn`t knoe what she was trying to show me. The video was about this guy at this dentist because a week ago he ate this kind of fruit and the next morning he went to the dentist because his tooth was hurting. The dentist told him that the kind of plant he ate was acctually growing inside his mouth. It was so amazing.When I saw the picture I was so shocked to see that it was acctually growing out of his mouth. It was swo discusting but facinating. Now that I think about it I should really do some research about that. It might sound discusting but I think it is very interesting. That dosen`t mean I`m acctually going to try it.That would just be discusting.
   Another discusting thing my sister showed me was a discusting video about a
        You know already about how people are starving to death because they don`t have the money to buy food. Well I don`t know how but this video came up when I was on you tube and I was talking about how some people die from hunger. Most of the time me and my mom ignore that because we don`t like to worry about someone else life when we have to worry about our own. I don`t know why but I clicked play. It was so sad seeing humans walking around extremely skinny .But this time I didn`t ignore it. Which I regret doing that because I sat there crying. Ok I didn`t sat there crying but I felt that I would. That video will always be stuck in my head. I mean literally it is still stuck in my head.
    If you read my about me profile you would know that I love to read. The latest book I have been reading is Ghostchiller it is a good book its about a boy who was escaping from his past of  his mom dieing from a diease that makes forget her past. So the boy and his dad moved away to a small island close to the northpole . There it is winter and it is extremely cold. Then he starts finding out that there is a creature in the night who roams around at night trying to find it next victim. As he trys to find more about this beast who scares him in his dreams. He goes to his friends to get some help about this monster that scares him in his dreams and pisked him to be the next to be eaten. Really good book you have got to read it.