Mrs. Pope is my Pre-Algebra teacher and she currently had surgery done and hasn't come back for a long time and I don't think will for a long time. I know people don't really like as a teacher but I actually don't like it when something so terrible like not knowing where your teachers is and that is really upsetting to me because I love getting to go to school and not wondering if my teacher is ok or not. But I'm pretty sure she is ok. Today was more of a day in Pre-Algebra where we didn't do very important things. The sub just had us watch a video and then correct what we got for the test that we lately done. After that we just wrote on the whiteboards telling Mrs.pope to get  well soon and things like that. 
             I hope she does come soon because the sub is not going very well for me and the whole thing with subs never worked for me. Usually when there was a sub at my old school the children would always go so crazy and wouldn't listen to the teacher. Mrs.pope's classroom is kind of like that but not as crazy as my old school. In my old school they weren't very educated children and got many referals and terrible grades. I was different until I came to Computech. 

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