My family is really cool if you get to meet them and if you do you would be surprised because my mom looks like she is 25. And believe it or not she is 31 years old. My youngest sister if five years old and can really make me laugh with her very great grammar that makes her sound so cute. My other sister is ten, and she is very tomboy. She can be very grumpy sometimes to my younger sister the five year old, Kimberly, but is one of the sweetest persons I know. My youngest and only boy in the family is my baby brother Giordanno. You pronounce it like this (Jor-dan-o). He is very adorable and is very smart for his age of three months. He is learning very quickly with grabbing and talking and knowing who his family is. My mom is very wise as well she is those kind of moms that get you try new things.
My family is awesome when I get to think about it, and some families are not very close that's why I would like to write about how my family is different. They could be annoying sometimes, but they are very special to me.

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