One time I was walking down the hall with one of my friends and this mean person comes up and starts talking about my friends clothes. I wish I could of helped her but I didn`t know what to do. Well now I know what to do. Do you know what to do? Well you have to go and tell an adult right away. Mostly bulling starts when someone starts rumors about someone else. Well this person really wanted to start a fight with my friend so everyone started to gather around to see them fight. No they did NOT start yelling out fight. But one of the teachers did come to stop them. Well as you can read, bullying is not a good idea.
   Like I said before that bullying starts by rumors. I hate rumors because people don`t know how much it can embarass or hurt people. The most terrible of them of all is cyberbullying. First of all, if you get bullied online that means thousands of people see it. Second of all, you get even more bulled at school which is also very terrible. Last of all, it feels like nobody is there to help you. If you haven`t seen the movie Cyberbully you`ve got to see it. Its a really good movie to help you understand about how terrible cyberbullying is.
   Please guys don`t be the bully it is not fun being bullied. And if you don`t think it really isn`t a big deal it really is. You can even go to jail for that so don`t do it.

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