I just love how the music comes around my ears as if it were trying to tickle them. While I play my instrument it makes a beautiful sound. Orchestra is one of my favorite classes beacause I just love how the music plays and makes just a lovely sound. I am very good at my violin that the teacher put me in the front of the classroom so my music can be in the ears of the crowd. Well actually she aranged the entire class so the good players can have there music to the audience. On time I had a sub for my science class and he asked me if I played an instrument and of course I said yes. He told me that he could tell because  of how my hands looked different than everyone elses. I have been looking at my hands wondering how are my hands different than everyone elses? I never found the response even after I asked my mother how knew almost every answer I ever asked her. I guessed its probably hoe I hold everything so gently because I`m used to holding a violin.

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