If I had super powers the powers I would love to have is the power to have all the powers you could imagine. But I don't think as being as God. For example, I forgot to write my homework from pre-algebra and I'm at home panicking because I forgot for the first time ever. I would have the power to remember what was on the board. I wish I had some powers like that and also to read the minds of people so when my sister lies I will know if she is lying or not. 
I would also love to have the powers to fly, so I could be able go right  to school without having to go on the bus that will take fifteen minutes which I don't like doing. Also that I wouldn't have to walk. I don't like walking across the field to go my orchestra class just to go to it. Instead I will just fly over the field. I just don't like having to be late because of being tired or sore from P.E.. I can wish many things but will not be able to do them. I just have to deal with these kinds of things. 
But sometimes you just have to do things instead of counting on magic. I think there is better things to do then count on magic. Hey we would al like to dream about flying right I know I do. 

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