You Tube the place where kids leave  most of there brain at. I`m one of one of those kids who read books all the time. I know I`m a nerd. But I`m not one of those wierd ones. Back when I was in fifth grade I used to go to my friends house a lot just to go on You Tube and watch scary videos online. They were super scary. They were the ones that pop out at you. I got freaked out every time. Then one day I went to the library and started to like reading. Great story ending right.    One thing about YouTube is that you can watch any kind of video you want to. One of the most watched videos is the Annoying orange. You may or have not heard it before. They are very good videos to watch and are extremely funny.The annoying orange is truely annoying. Another very famous YouTube star is Fred who now is on tv  and aiso the annoying orange . A thing I`ve noticed about You Tube is that most stars come from You Tube. I bet you been knew that but believe it or not I didn`t know that untill now .I love to go on You Tube to like help with homework or just to like to listen to music. You Tube is best place ever!!!

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