On you tube lately I watched this video and it was very icky. My sister was acctually the one who was watching the video and showed it to me. At first i didn`t knoe what she was trying to show me. The video was about this guy at this dentist because a week ago he ate this kind of fruit and the next morning he went to the dentist because his tooth was hurting. The dentist told him that the kind of plant he ate was acctually growing inside his mouth. It was so amazing.When I saw the picture I was so shocked to see that it was acctually growing out of his mouth. It was swo discusting but facinating. Now that I think about it I should really do some research about that. It might sound discusting but I think it is very interesting. That dosen`t mean I`m acctually going to try it.That would just be discusting.
   Another discusting thing my sister showed me was a discusting video about a

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