In math we were assigned to do this game and had to finish at least three levels of the game and well just saying the game was very hard to tell the truth. In  my first levels it was kind of easy to do. I didn`t think it was that hard to actually just find out the difference between negatives so I moved on to doing money. It was still not of much of a challenge. There is something about this game that is well special,about it. When you play the game you will have to finish the whole circle to finish the whole level. I didn' have time to do the third, but I was able to see how this game taught how to get faster at doing subtracting money, decimals, and last of all integers. I can tell that this game is going to help with my way of doing things like subtracting money from my future bank account. 



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Today I`m going to explain why an inequality with 'equal to' needs a closed dot rather than an open one. There needs to be a closed dot because there is no need to be a  open because there isn`t any at least or any more than. for example there is a equation like 5b> 25 I would first try to minus out the 5 by doing the opposite of opperations after that I would know that b>5. thats basicly is what you have to do I hope 
    Today is Monday so I will be writing about what I know about math. Today I will be writing about how there is an infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There is an infinite amount of numbers because there is fractions and decimals between 0 and 1. For example, there is 0.1; 0.2; and so on. There is also the fractions. The fractions are like the decimals. For example, there is 1/2; 1/3; 1/4; and so on. The fractions can also be much more different and bigger. Also the decimals because there is also many ways to write them.On the number line they are are aranged in a way that we understand. That`s why there is an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1.
     Well today I learned in class how to divide fractions into decimals. When your doing that you have to know how to divide. Well some people wonder why does when you are fractions the denominator always is bigger than the decimal when you divide the fraction into a decimal? Well I got the answer for that. You know when you are eating a pizza the slices gets smaller when you eat its like that when you are making a fraction into a decimal. When your dividing more of the pizza the pieces get smaller the denominator of a fractions get bigger because of how many pieces there are. In the tenths place the number does not have to be bigger because we already know it is going to 8/10 into 0.8. 
    Today I had math and we were learning about how to make decimals into fractions. My teacher is Mrs.Pope at Computech, and she showed us the way you should do it and how there is an easy way to do it. Well lets say was trying to solve 38/6 we would have to divide 6 into 38 and we would have 6 3/6. So next we would have to simplify and we would get 6 1/3 you can tell this is easy math. Well because I`m good at math.