In math we were assigned to do this game and had to finish at least three levels of the game and well just saying the game was very hard to tell the truth. In  my first levels it was kind of easy to do. I didn`t think it was that hard to actually just find out the difference between negatives so I moved on to doing money. It was still not of much of a challenge. There is something about this game that is well special,about it. When you play the game you will have to finish the whole circle to finish the whole level. I didn' have time to do the third, but I was able to see how this game taught how to get faster at doing subtracting money, decimals, and last of all integers. I can tell that this game is going to help with my way of doing things like subtracting money from my future bank account. 

11/08/2012 1:08pm

I think it is pretty good, but it needs a little more longer other than that it is very good


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