I would use a ratio instead of a percentage because finding the ratio of the restaurant would be easier than finding the percentage. When you find the percentage you have to a lot more work when you can find the difference between the two choices to choose from in the choices for purchasing food for use in a restaurant. First of all I would like to find the exact amount which is the same as finding the difference than just finding a percentage that will give me an idea of how much there is but in a simplified way when I am trying to find the exact and the exact is when I find a ratio which can give me a clear and straight out fact that one is bigger than the other amount.
I would also choose finding the percentage , but when you find the ratio to the problem it tells you a clear answer to the problem you are going to solve. I would also use percentages for when I 'm trying to solve a problem like this but that would be in things like if I were trying to find the amount of pizza I ate with my friends of something like that, but most likely I would just use a ratio to find out what would be better to use in planning purchasing of food for use in a restaurant.

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