Well when I was little my mom was trying to help me to learn to round number and I didn't know how to but I did know how to do the basics for example that anything above is going to be the next set of numbers. Well when my wants to teach me something she teaches me until I know the problem to my  problem. We even stood like until ten o'clock to find out how to teach me how to do the easiest thing on earth. Once I knew how to round numbers I couldn't believe that was  so easy. That was a little too ridiculous to actually handle as the thing that I couldn't figure out very quickly as I thought I  would. 
     Another thing that actually had happened recently is that well we were learning how to do this problem that you had to well find the answer to a problem that had a bunch of that I couldn't understand. But mainly I'm just saying when you need to learn something new you have to work at it until you know it.

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