I have been doing this zoo project for I think 5 weeks and the whole seventh grade and I went to the zoo yesterday. I think that by learning and working on all the things that I will have to do for the project really got me thinking when I saw the bird myself. The bird I have been working on is the blue-crowned mot mot and when I saw it I thought of everything that I had leaned about it. The bird is really beautiful it has a blue-crown of course and is really colorful for example green and blue are the colors of the blue-crowned mot mot. 
By learning, creating a webpage, and making multimedia tools about the animal and then actually going to see the animal was really a good idea because when I went to the zoo and then saw the animal I knew everything about it. It also got me thinking that everytime before I go to the zoo I'm going to the zoo I 'm going to learn a little about on sites for example Wikipedia is a site I would recommend to everyone who is trying to learn about a person, place, or thing. If I were to learn all about the animal I would be able to understand what I'm going to be seeing. I would also recommend for you to do as well.
       In my science class we were doing this project to make a cell that has all the parts of a real cell. The cell had to be made of food that is why we called it the edible cell project. I actually learned a lot from this project. I learned the parts of the cell and what they do. I also learned how the cell has to be very detailed and very specific on how they look. My table thought it would be a good idea to make it out of lots of good tasting things like licorice, gushers, and etc. I found out what we got for our project and i wasn't such a bad grade it was a B. I know that we wouldn't get a great grade because we were asked some questions that some people in my group didn't know that was our downfall to our group grade. Hey, at least we didn't get like a C, D, or F




DNA is located in the center inside of the nucleus in the cell. DNA is like the blueprint to how to make us ourselves for example our eyes our hair our brain our legs well practically everything that is what we are made of. We did an experiment of how there is DNA in strawberries. We first had to get the strawberries and put them in a bag then squish them until they were very smashed up. After that we put the smashed up strawberries into a glass and then put a dab of soap into the strawberries. Afterwards, we put alchohol into the glass. then we were able to see the DNA and if you were able to see the DNA yourself it should be described as a clear slimy substance.
Quizlet is a useful site to study for any subject in school. I do use it sometimes to study ,but whenever I am going to study I forget but if it was the first thing that I remember I would definitely use Quizlet to study for tests. Quizlet has definitely stamped an A+ on my tests. Quizlet is something I would recommend people to use because you could put pictures into your flash cards. If you were studying for math and you want to study for Quizlet I would recommend you to put problems to solve and then the answer on the other side an could play the games to help more in a fun way.
Quizlet now has this new flashcards -feature that would be very helpful if you really don't like using games for studying and like doing it the old way then you could use the new feature and try it out. I like doing the feature button and would think that you might enjoy it as well. In the feature place you are able to have it move the flashcards by themselves, have the flashcards read to you, or even have the definition or image covered or not covered. As you can read Quizlet can be a big help if you like being on th computer and wondered 
Charles had many ways of discovering what he is famous for discovering. For example, another scientist discovered the earth is very old. That statement helped Charles to explain his discovery even more by this statement. Charles said that if the earth is very old then there would be enough time for evolution to happen. Since that statement from the other scientist explained more about evolution and how it can happen. Charles Darwin tried an experiment on moths. He used peppered moths that were mainly black and no white. And experimented with completely white peppered moths. He put them both in a clean forest and turned out there was less of black peppered moths than white moths.
The reason the black moths disappeared was that hey were less likely to hide in a very good hiding place because they were very dark colored, and it was very hard to hide in a clean forest. If you did the same thing to the moths but this time put them in a unclean forest the result would be that there would be less light m
      The main thing that I had struggled on last semester with science is when we were learning about mitosis and that is something that I still haven't completely learned yet, but are planning to learn soon. I haven't actually gotten the message of what, mitosis is maybe because I forgotten what it mean when we were taking the test. I think that is mainly what I didn't get about in science one thing that I loved learning in science the parts of a cell like the cell membrane and things like that. I also loved learning about the lady who discovered something and didn't even get any credit for what she has discovered. Her nickname was Rosy. She figured out what DNA actually looked like in real life and that was what was very interesting to me because she worked very hard to discover thing amazing discovery then taken away by these other scientists.
         I also think that Rosalind Franklin should be more responsible who she shows her work to because then someone will steal it as if it were there own. These things that happened in history really affect the future which is today.
        I read this article about this true facts about Santa Claus about true facts. Well one of the facts of the story are that he weighs so much pounds and that ha can't stand that long on the sleigh if he does how will the reindeer will carry him. I think that the reindeer are going to have to carry a guy who is like something thousand tons through the whole night will be nearly impossible. It also talked bout how many kids he would have to visit not counting the ones who are Muslim and stuff like that. 
          He was also talking how much gas and power Santa would have to have to travel to so many places in one night  and if he did have all that power to go that far he would evaporate into dust if actually tried doing that. something that his believers would say that they would think about this article is that he could travel that far with magic. I don't think this whole thing about Santa Claus is kind of crazy and should not be talked about.
The peppered moth population changed over time because of the bad air quality in England. Which changed the color of the moths in the forests nearby. A scientist tested to see what was the cause and how the black colored moths survive in a clean forest and the actual peppered moths live in a dirty. the scientist found out that it was the factories that were the ones causing the pollution in the forests nearby. Scientist started to do experiments like the tests to see if black peppered moths would survive in a clean forest and a clean moth survive in a dirty forest. The results weren't to surprising because when they captured the moths that they marked there was fewer population of light moths in the dark forest than there were dark moths. The same with dark moths in a clean forest. 
This showed that the dark moths were able to survive in the dark forest for they were dark to hide on the polluted trees to hide form predators. The same with the light moths they were able to survive in clean trees. This shows the theory of the scientist was right. The way to survive from predators you will have to adapt to the environment. This is called adaption also known as evolution when species change over time.
Punnett Squares are a way to find the trait for an  offspring. They are used in squares of four to give a percentage to give a probability answer. For example, black is the dominant trait and blond is the recessive trait.  If there are a heterozygous mother and a homozygous recessive father to find out whether the offspring is going to be blond haired or black haired is by putting the heterozygous on the top of the Punnett square and finish the Punnett square by having the top letter which is one of the allies of the parents and putting it together with the other Allie letter to make a new trait. When you are finished you can determine if the offspring is going to be blond or if the offspring is going to be blond or dark haired. In this example the offspring is going to have a 50% of being blond and a 50% percent of being black haired.
Punnett are very useful when you are trying to find a future trait of an offspring. I know this can be very useful when you are trying to find out the trait of an offspring. I know this might be helpful for you some day, but one thing that I don't understand is how you know wen you are heterozygous or not. Can you explain?
In my science class we did this project that had to deal with genes with these paper pet families. Mainly for us to make these paper pet families we had to flip coin to figure out if the parents were going to be blue or yellow to make a punett square to find the percentage of their children being blue, yellow, round nose. triangular and so on. We had to also find flip to coins for the offsprings of the parents to find out if they were to be a girl or a boy offspring. 
It was very simple to make the family. It was also very fun to make the little family of paper. I wasn't very surprised that the family was all blue on my paper pet family because the parents were both blue. This is of course possible. But there might of been a chance of getting a yellow if both of the heterozygous dominant. This one possible way of having a yellow offspring.