Charles had many ways of discovering what he is famous for discovering. For example, another scientist discovered the earth is very old. That statement helped Charles to explain his discovery even more by this statement. Charles said that if the earth is very old then there would be enough time for evolution to happen. Since that statement from the other scientist explained more about evolution and how it can happen. Charles Darwin tried an experiment on moths. He used peppered moths that were mainly black and no white. And experimented with completely white peppered moths. He put them both in a clean forest and turned out there was less of black peppered moths than white moths.
The reason the black moths disappeared was that hey were less likely to hide in a very good hiding place because they were very dark colored, and it was very hard to hide in a clean forest. If you did the same thing to the moths but this time put them in a unclean forest the result would be that there would be less light m

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