I have been doing this zoo project for I think 5 weeks and the whole seventh grade and I went to the zoo yesterday. I think that by learning and working on all the things that I will have to do for the project really got me thinking when I saw the bird myself. The bird I have been working on is the blue-crowned mot mot and when I saw it I thought of everything that I had leaned about it. The bird is really beautiful it has a blue-crown of course and is really colorful for example green and blue are the colors of the blue-crowned mot mot. 
By learning, creating a webpage, and making multimedia tools about the animal and then actually going to see the animal was really a good idea because when I went to the zoo and then saw the animal I knew everything about it. It also got me thinking that everytime before I go to the zoo I'm going to the zoo I 'm going to learn a little about on sites for example Wikipedia is a site I would recommend to everyone who is trying to learn about a person, place, or thing. If I were to learn all about the animal I would be able to understand what I'm going to be seeing. I would also recommend for you to do as well.

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