Mitosis is a series of things that cells do.The first stage a cell goes through is the prophase. Then the anaphase goes after and then the I think the anaphase goes after that and so on. The first thing a parent cell does before it divides into two daughter cells it makes a copy of its DNA. The second step to the mitosis is when the cell then starts separatinfg from itself melting the cell membrane. After that the two new cells separate they are called daughter cells. there is a series of steps but they don't come into mind right now. first thing I would like to point out though is that the website that I visited gave me a lot of information about mitosis and what happens and stuff like that. 
Mitosis is basic way that we grow taller or wider. When the two daughter cell are done reproducing. Others are doing the same process which more cell the more there is of you or an animal or plant. most likely everyone has these same growing spells.

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