One of the things I thought that was very interesting the invention of gunpowder. I think that is one of the most important inventions of China. I think they are so important because there was many wars that needed weapons and that actually helped with the whole problem. Also another thing that gunpowder is very important is that gunpowder is also used for fireworks also so without gunpowder there wouldn't be any fireworks on days like fourth of July. I love fourth of July because of it fireworks and am thankful for the fireworks being here in America.
Another thing is the invention of paper because there wouldn't be any books to read. And that would be the problem I love to read and that wouldn't be good if I don't get to read that is mainly what I love to do  If there wasn't any books there wouldn't be any way learning new things. These are some of the things that actually makes a difference in the world.  

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