The things that I just love about fall is the leaves falling and that the holiday Halloween. But most of all is the Fresno Fair which I love going every year. Even though the fair does not have that much rides it is very exciting to go every year. I mostly love the fair for its rides and its food. There is lots of kinds of places in the fair. For example there is the mine shop where they sell all the diamonds and pretty rocks. Too bad the diamonds are not real. The other place I love visitting is the place where there is so many fun things to do. I forgot what its named I think its named funland. It is so much fun I espeicially love that there is this sphere and lots of energy is in it that it sticks to your hand when you touch it. 
Another place I like to go is the place with all the paintings and pictures. One time when I was in 6th grade I was in art club , and I entered my oil painting of an orange and a apple. I did pretty good and got first place in the contest. 

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