I read this article about this true facts about Santa Claus about true facts. Well one of the facts of the story are that he weighs so much pounds and that ha can't stand that long on the sleigh if he does how will the reindeer will carry him. I think that the reindeer are going to have to carry a guy who is like something thousand tons through the whole night will be nearly impossible. It also talked bout how many kids he would have to visit not counting the ones who are Muslim and stuff like that. 
          He was also talking how much gas and power Santa would have to have to travel to so many places in one night  and if he did have all that power to go that far he would evaporate into dust if actually tried doing that. something that his believers would say that they would think about this article is that he could travel that far with magic. I don't think this whole thing about Santa Claus is kind of crazy and should not be talked about.

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