In science my favorite project of the quarter is when chewed gum and weighed the mass of the gum every two minutes. I really liked that project because for the first time ever I actually get to chew gum in class. I learned a lot from that lesson how to measure mass. I also know now that the piece of gum shrinks when you chew it that`s why its mass gets smaller. That wasn`t the only time I got to chew gum in the classroom. One time when I was having CST testing the teacher gave the whole classroom gum for us to chew on. The gum project didn`t take us very long. One of my other project I liked very much was the project when we had to measure the mass of body part. It really wasn`t a body part but if it was that would be creepy. Well actually was one of those that grows in water. Well it was fun to see it get bigger everyday.

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