The main thing that I had struggled on last semester with science is when we were learning about mitosis and that is something that I still haven't completely learned yet, but are planning to learn soon. I haven't actually gotten the message of what, mitosis is maybe because I forgotten what it mean when we were taking the test. I think that is mainly what I didn't get about in science one thing that I loved learning in science the parts of a cell like the cell membrane and things like that. I also loved learning about the lady who discovered something and didn't even get any credit for what she has discovered. Her nickname was Rosy. She figured out what DNA actually looked like in real life and that was what was very interesting to me because she worked very hard to discover thing amazing discovery then taken away by these other scientists.
         I also think that Rosalind Franklin should be more responsible who she shows her work to because then someone will steal it as if it were there own. These things that happened in history really affect the future which is today.

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